Staking is a process by which Bushido players lock their NFTs into a so-called pool in exchange for a recurring amount of money. And players new to the ecosystem rent an NFT from that pool in exchange for a fee, which fee is applied when it is rewarded during gameplay. Commissions can be set between 5% and 10% of the player's total winnings.
And if the player has two NFTs rented, the commission is collected from both NFTs and distributed to the holders. Once a player rents a Bushido, it can stay with them for a maximum of 64 days. And if that player does not produce any DO coins with the NFT within 7 days, the latter returns to the Staking Pool, where the NFT will find another tenant. If the Bushido holder wants to withdraw their NFT from staking, they have to wait a minimum of 10 days, during which time the tenant has time to see the withdrawal request and find a tenant for that NFT.