Ranking System

Since the competitive battle mode is also the only game mode that rewards players with DO coins, it is also divided into a number of 3 ranks to define the difficulty and level at which players are ranked. Each rank also has a different degree of reward, the higher the rank of the player, the more coins the player gets after a victory. It is also a rank that reflects the fact that you are not ranked in any of the ranks and players in this stage cannot earn DO coins from winnings.
  • Unranked (0-499pts) - Reward 0
  • DO Silver (500-1499pts) - Reward 0-2.5 DO/win
  • Gold (1500-3499pts) - Reward 2.5-5 DO/win
  • BUSHIDO (3500+pts) - Reward 5-10 DO/win
After each victory the player gets +15pts and after each defeat he loses -10pts. And every new player starts with 500pts.
Last modified 5mo ago