Battle System

The battle system works in a similar way to Idle games, this system is also known as idle battle where the user influences the fate of the game in very small ways, the biggest advantage being the statistics that the character has. That is to say, the higher the character's level, and the rarer Body Parts he is favored to win the battle. But this happens with newer users, because among the top players, the difference will be given by both the position of the NFTs and the combination of classes they have. Also a battle ends when one of the players has no bushido alive on the battlefield
Each of the players can play up to 20 competitive matches daily, having practically 20 Game Energy at their disposal. And after each game played, the player gets one Game Energy. And every time a new calendar day begins, the player's Game Energy is replenished

Battle Energy

This energy is used so that the user can attack using BUSHIDO skills. This energy recharges by one point at the end of each round.
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