Game Economy

A game needs players. By simply playing the game, community members add value to the network and should be rewarded. It's simple, yet revolutionary. Such an ecosystem needs a well-established economy, and by rewarding players with DO coins, the economy could suffer from inflation, thus the game, to encourage players to evolve and not take coins out of the ecosystem, is given different bonuses for owning as many Bushido as possible, for breeding and they are given the opportunity to buy Bundles.
All these things make players reinvest the winnings back into the ecosystem, so that later they can generate as much money as possible playing, or from passive income through staking. But the generation of new Bushido could ultimately have another negative side, namely a hyperinflation on the part of the total number of NFTs in the market.
For these things, in a long-term perspective more mini-games, events or novelties can be introduced in the battle system, which would also encourage burning of the NFTs they have and don't use, for various other bonus benefits or even other Bushido with a higher degree of rarity.
Last modified 5mo ago