DO Token

The DO currency is a symbol of governance for the game universe. DO holders will be able to claim rewards by staking their coin, playing the game and participating in key governance votes. The main purpose of the coin is for trading, being distributed and seen as a currency of exchange in the Bushido game universe. But the vision of the DO cryptocurrency is to align incentives between game players and developers in new and exciting ways. The mechanisms described below have two main objectives: To reward players for interacting with the Game while incentivizing them to keep their tokens so they can claim additional rewards.
To decentralize game ownership and governance. The currency is obtained either through the Bushido Platforms ecosystem but also through various platforms external to the game, such as the Maiar digital wallet or other centralized Exchanges that meet the conditions for listing the currency.
The Bushido team, as well as the entire Bushido ecosystem, does not have access to any of the coins that the players own, all transactions being carried out through the Maiar wallet, so the only asset that the development team will have, from an economic point of view, will be some public wallets in the app that was mentioned earlier.