Bushido Ecosystem

DO Exchange

This is the first product in the BUSHIDO ecosystem, DO Exchange is a marketplace, where users will be able to make all the transactions and all the steps necessary to play. Users will log in using the Maiar app on the Elrond network by simply scanning a QR code, and the game will retrieve all the necessary data to complete their profile. Basically on this platform users will be able to trade, buy, sell or lend NFTs. The platform also provides a suite of Bundles, which are basically packages containing different bushido in exchange for an amount of DO coins, the price of which also differs depending on the rarity of the content. In addition to the trading part, in this dashboard, you also have access to the Staking part, where BUSHIDO holders can earn passive income by locking their NFT in a so-called pool, where other users come and borrow those characters to he played without investing money.

Bushido Game

The second Bushido product is the game itself. Unlike DO Exchange, here the user does not have to do any more interaction with the blockchain technology, on this platform the user enters only to play and build his team that he wants to use further in his matches. Also in the game the user can see additional information about the NFTs he owns or information about the ranks or the top ranked players.

Bushido Hub

This is essentially a website, which contains information about the game, it aims to present the game and information that helps you onboard the game. This website also redirects you, in the end, to both the Bushido game and the DO Exchange.
Last modified 5mo ago