Official Bushido Whitepaper.
The game called Bushido is a video game based on blockchain technology, which runs on the Elrond network, catching the technical bridge called DO. The trading cryptocurrency is DO, essentially all transactions in the Bushido ecosystem are done with this currency, and it is also integrated into the Elrond ecosystem, such as integration into the Maiar Exchange and the Maiar app to help better use of technology as well as the capitalization of the project with the help of listings on these platforms.

Game Universe

The game will be based on the concept of Play to Earn and also the assets in the game will be Non Fungible Tokens, called BUSHIDOS, players will be able to borrow these NFTs, either sell them, trade them, pair them or fight with other BUSHIDO through the game. Players will have the opportunity to earn money through multiple ways. The main and the most profitable of them is the game itself, where players fight with other players by entering the competitive mode. The player who gets the victory is rewarded with an amount of DO coins, experience for NFTs and a number of points that help the player climb the ranks.

Battle System

The battle system is similar to the idle battle concept inspired by the style of the Idle Heroes or Axie Infinity game system, where each player enters the battle with two NFTs, which they position as they wish and these characters fight alone with the opponents . The advantage is being given by each character's stats and the character's level and the only thing the user does is choose when to use the characters' special abilities.
Each of the players can play up to 20 competitive matches daily, having practically 20 Game Energy at their disposal. And after each game played, the player gets one Game Energy. And every time a new calendar day begins, the player's Game Energy is replenished
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